Jeunes Orienteurs Grenoblois ?language=1/ Jeunes Orienteurs Grenoblois - Orienteering Wed, 19 Oct 2011 14:30:38 +0100 en Event #115: SM-Natt & Sprint 2013 /evenement.php?id=115&language=1 The Swedish national championship of night'O and sprint took place last week-end at Göteborg. Three races in four days, the perfect opportunity for me to check-up ma physical shape, to get a first feed-back all the technical training I did the last three weeks and to picked up a lot of confidence before the big events coming: the Tiomila (May 4-5th) and the Club's French national champ (May 25-26th). This week-end is even more important that it mays confirm (or not) the choice I did in November to stop O'training training during the winter period and focus on focus on performing my physical shape. Last by not least, it gives me the opportunity to show my potential to my coaches before the first relay of the season. Thursday 17:30, departure to Göteborg, the weather is good and should not change for the whole week-end. The three hours of traveling to go to Göteborg give me a lot of time to prepare my strategy. Since more than one hundred runners registered in H21 class, the start is spread up from 9:00 pm to 01:30 am. Honestly, I don't know how to manage my preparation knowing that I will start running at 00:14. Should I take a nap or not, what and when should I eat, how to spend the three hours before my departure. I am finally too tired and fall asleep in the car for more than one hour. /evenement.php?id=115&language=1 Wed, 24 Apr 13 13:34:52 +0200 Event #114: News Clément Suède /evenement.php?id=114&language=1 The winter was long, but now spring is coming. There is still some snow in the forest and most relay competitions of the sprint has been cancelled but I have run several small courses around stockholm last weeks. And the conclusion is that I am not ready yet for the season. Lot of mistakes and bad feelings! /evenement.php?id=114&language=1 Sat, 20 Apr 13 22:28:35 +0200 Event #113: SELECTION JWOC PART II /evenement.php?id=113&language=1 This WE was the second part of the JWOC test races for the junior french team and the young runners born in 1996 too. The goal for the athlete was to show a top 30 potential at JWOC, the major criteria of this selection. 3 races were scheduled, one more than previous weekend: a sprint and middle on saturday and the long on sunday! Some members of the French Senior Team as Philippe Adamski, Lucas Basset, Frederic Tranchand or Amelie Chataing were invited at these test races to set references times. The sprint was held in the village of Saint-Germain Laval and the major difficulty was to chose the fastest alternative at each control. This sprint was successfull for the two young runners Quentin Rauturier and Adrien Delenne with a time one minute close to Philippe Adamski's one. This performance will allows them to participate at their first JWOC! Congratulations! /evenement.php?id=113&language=1 Fri, 19 Apr 13 19:02:07 +0200 Event #112: Nationale Nord Est + Selec JWOC /evenement.php?id=112&language=1 This weekend in Lorraine, north-east of France, was held the 2nd National Race of the year. The 2 races were also the first selections races for juniors to qualify for JWOC in Czech Republic. /evenement.php?id=112&language=1 Fri, 12 Apr 13 17:03:57 +0200 Event #111: MOC italy Days 1 & 2 /evenement.php?id=111&language=1 Lucas is the MOC Mediterranean Open Championship Orienteering 2013. The first race was a middle distance /evenement.php?id=111&language=1 Sat, 16 Mar 13 20:43:19 +0100 Event #110: WE HN Sprint /evenement.php?id=110&language=1 A video HeadCam of the last French Team WE /evenement.php?id=110&language=1 Wed, 13 Mar 13 20:44:45 +0100 Event #109: French Team WE Sainte-Baume /evenement.php?id=109&language=1 A video HeadCam of 2 trainings (KO Sprint/Mass Start) of French Team WE Sainte-Baume /evenement.php?id=109&language=1 Thu, 07 Mar 13 10:32:15 +0100 Event #108: Video Training Camp Portugal /evenement.php?id=108&language=1 A JOG video of Portugal Training Camp. Click on the image to access the video /evenement.php?id=108&language=1 Wed, 20 Feb 13 12:10:19 +0100 Event #107: Portugal (next) :POM /evenement.php?id=107&language=1 2nd part of the camp: change of place, accomodation and no internet anymore... so no new article! We went to Alcafozes, near Idanha-a-nova, the palce of Portugal'O'Meeting, the competition which start the orienteering season. /evenement.php?id=107&language=1 Fri, 15 Feb 13 16:14:05 +0100 Event #106: TC Portugal J5 /evenement.php?id=106&language=1 Fifth and last day in Alagoa surroundings. Still a very nice orienteering day with the middle from NAOM 2013 in Lapa in the morning and a control-picking in Carapinha in the afternoon. Nice weather, nice grass, big rocks and beautiful maps. /evenement.php?id=106&language=1 Sat, 09 Feb 13 09:39:17 +0100 Event #105: TC Portugal J4 /evenement.php?id=105&language=1 As usual, wakeup 8.30am, picnic preparation, leaving accomodation 9.30, training starts 10.30. 4 forked intervals: 1st one start every 30sec, 2nd chasing start with the times of the first interval, 3rd start per group and 4th mass start with tasks for every runners as attack at the beginning or stay in the group and attack in the run-in or even simulate an injury to challenge the others' concentration! A nice session once again. /evenement.php?id=105&language=1 Fri, 08 Feb 13 18:02:33 +0100 Event #104: TC Portugal J3 /evenement.php?id=104&language=1 Wednesday 6th of February, 3rd day of our trip in Portugal. Wake up, sunshine, blue sky, nice breakfast prepared by our host Toni, and it's already time to leave for the first training, a long distance at Herdade de Entra Ribeiras. Fast but not full speed training, with the objective to be clean technically and once again a very nice terrain, where running is very pleasant, but still technically challenging! /evenement.php?id=104&language=1 Thu, 07 Feb 13 18:12:26 +0100 Event #103: TC Portugal J2 /evenement.php?id=103&language=1 Once again an amazing weather today in Portugal. It's great to be here, especially since it seems that it's both raining and snowing in France! His year, the group is composed of 10 runners: Theo Fleurent, Olivier Blanc-Tranchant, Valentin Levesy, Perrine Obstetar, Simon Charon, Isia and Lucas Basset, Clement fumey, Nicolas Rio and Benjamin Lepoutre. /evenement.php?id=103&language=1 Wed, 06 Feb 13 11:07:10 +0100 Event #102: TC Portugal J1 /evenement.php?id=102&language=1 Even if we arrived at 3AM last night at our accomodation in Alagoa, Portugal, our mood was really high this morning when we woke up with a great weather, a blue sky, the sun shining and a temperature over 15°C. /evenement.php?id=102&language=1 Mon, 04 Feb 13 22:49:10 +0100 Event #101: News!!!! /evenement.php?id=101&language=1 News on the website JOG - Jeunes Orienteurs Grenoblois!!!! Stay connected with the JOG: Facebook Application on the website /minichat.php <== here The JOG Doma is also to find with the JOG maps Reviews inside the heading homepage /evenement.php?id=101&language=1 Thu, 31 Jan 13 16:32:06 +0100 Event #100: The 100th /evenement.php?id=100&language=1 The JOG enlightens you... on the night'O... For the 100th article, the JOG proposes you a technical file on the night'O. But it'is only in French. In the heading "CO" and "Fiches techniques" to the left /evenement.php?id=100&language=1 Wed, 23 Jan 13 12:30:00 +0100 Event #99: French Team WE Millau /evenement.php?id=99&language=1 The worst weather for orienteering during 4 days training camp with the french team: snow, cold, rain, wind and re-snow! But we trained! /evenement.php?id=99&language=1 Mon, 21 Jan 13 11:15:19 +0100 Event #98: Happy New Year /evenement.php?id=98&language=1 JOG members wish you the best for 2013. Click on the image to access the pdf /evenement.php?id=98&language=1 Mon, 31 Dec 12 16:42:44 +0100 Event #97: University Cross Country /evenement.php?id=97&language=1 Last thursday took place at Park de la Feyssine (Lyon) the Rhone Alpes/Auvergne Championship University Cross Country. /evenement.php?id=97&language=1 Tue, 04 Dec 12 11:56:38 +0100 Event #96: CF sprint, nuit + CNE /evenement.php?id=96&language=1 The international season was over since a long time (after WOC for me), so the only one automn's goal was this last week-end near Rennes (West of France). The first race was on saturday morning with sprint qualification, followed by the final in the afternoon. I rather consider that French Sprint Championship is the most 'serious' and relevant championship since this one is isolated in the season and all top athletes can train specifically for it without being disturbed by the international season. Motivation was great. The qualification race was varied, with parks, camping, urban area. I have made a great race, in control to keep some energy for the afternoon. But despite this I felt in a trap on the way to the first control and get stucked in a impasse. Most of JOG members did it well, but Simon has missed his qualification because of a big mistake at the end of the course. That's a pity because shape was there... /evenement.php?id=96&language=1 Wed, 07 Nov 12 14:55:45 +0100 Event #95: New partner: RaidPeak /evenement.php?id=95&language=1 JOG members's are pleased to present their new partnership with RaidPeak /evenement.php?id=95&language=1 Fri, 26 Oct 12 22:17:59 +0200 Event #94: Weekend JOG October /evenement.php?id=94&language=1 Weekend JOG in Grenoble to prepare French championships sprint and night and CNE (French jukola). JOG organized a weekend training camp with this program, and helped the USSE club to put and remove controls for their race: session 1 Sprint qual at park ile d'amour and final at Grenoble university campus /evenement.php?id=94&language=1 Thu, 25 Oct 12 17:40:36 +0200 Event #93: JEC 2012 /evenement.php?id=93&language=1 From the 4th to the 7th of October took place the Junior European Cup (JEC) last stage of the Junior French teams international season. Each year France makes the choice to not select the oldest athletes (that's why Olivier wasn't selected) in order to permit the youngest ones (as Valentin or others athletes born in 1995) to gain experience participating one more international event with the aim of preparing the next year JWOC. This year the JEC was in St Moritz, a ski resort in Switzerland. For the first time the Swedish team was present as well as others nations which were in number (quotas are from 6 athletes per nation, 6 per category). The level of the event was really high for the French athletes because there is only several countries which decide not select the oldest runners. /evenement.php?id=93&language=1 Sun, 14 Oct 12 23:23:03 +0200 Event #92: Raid Orientalpin /evenement.php?id=92&language=1 This sunday was held in Chamrousse the Raid'Orientalpni, and adventure race 100% on IOF maps with pure orienteering. I ran it with Mathieu, and we started quite fast on the first trail session as we knew we will loose a lot of time on the moutainbike part... and that was definitively the case. Rain, 1-2 bad routechoices, a mysterious track and our bad mtb skills and we are far from the lead at the end of the mtbo session. Yoann Garde, famous mtb orienteer, joined us for the end as his teammate stopped there! /evenement.php?id=92&language=1 Mon, 08 Oct 12 13:37:13 +0200 Event #91: Bri'O Tour Disney /evenement.php?id=91&language=1 Nice WE of orienteering with 3 long sprints in 3 different maps and terrains. First one in Noisiel was the most physical in a residential area and parks, with some routechoices and tricky areas. /evenement.php?id=91&language=1 Tue, 02 Oct 12 17:22:57 +0200 Event #90: EndorphinMag /evenement.php?id=90&language=1 EndorphinMag : Outdoor webzine 100% free EndorphinMag in his last Sept-Oct mag reviewed the international competitions raced by JOG(JWOC, WUOC, WOC) /evenement.php?id=90&language=1 Fri, 28 Sep 12 11:08:46 +0200 Event #89: Grésivaudan Xpress /evenement.php?id=89&language=1 In a few words, free, no bib numbers, no official time and a simple goal. It's a very nice challenge with 7 skyrunning races mass start around Grenoble. Last wednesday, first of the 7 races, was the Chamechaude's climb: 2,2km with 750m uphill with an average climb at 34%. /evenement.php?id=89&language=1 Tue, 11 Sep 12 19:53:08 +0200 Event #88: JWOC 2012 /evenement.php?id=88&language=1 Claire The Junior World Championships (JWOC) took place from July 8 to 13 in Kosice, Slovakia. Sprint: A very physical race, with a few route choices and no trap, and with an oppressive heat, none more thing to manage to start in good conditions the JWOC! I was really in the rhythm, a few mistakes and I was a little bit tired at the end but mostly a good race! French results: Claire Sandevoir 33rd, Lauriane Beauvisage 47th, Delphine Poirot 48th et Isia Basset 64th. Maxime Rauturier 91ème,Loïc Capbern 112th, Rémi Baudot 136th and Rémi Dubois pm LONGUE: I never had sprain in my life and it was nice to discover it on the way to control 3 during the long JWOC race. But it was really a beautiful long distance, 13 controls for 7,7 km for the girls, a lot of route choices, alternations between green, yellow and white areas and at the end, some surprises in the results! Results: Isia 16th, Laurianne 17th et Claire 48th. Loïc 21st, Olivier 52nd, Rémi.B 92nd, Maxime 124th et Rémi.D Dsq Click on the photo to watch video /evenement.php?id=88&language=1 Sat, 28 Jul 12 16:56:57 +0200 Event #87: WOC MD Finale /evenement.php?id=87&language=1 After getting a nice feedback from the middle qualification, I was really looking forward to running this middle distance in a brand new terrain, never mapped before. I had a nice starting position, with only 8 runners starting behind me and with Peter Oberg starting 2 minutes before. I was a bit stressed, but nothing compared with the day before. Still, in the quarantine, the pressure started to grow as more as more runners left, leaving me with the biggest stars :) Quite intimidating! I knew how to orienteer in this kind of terrain, which I'm quite used to after all those years training in rocky terrains! /evenement.php?id=87&language=1 Sun, 22 Jul 12 12:40:34 +0200 Event #86: WOC MD Qual /evenement.php?id=86&language=1 After missing the sprint final by two seconds, the middle qualification on monday was my last chance to show something good for this year's WOC. As sprint was coming first on the program, I had been using the last week before WOC to focus on city orienteering and rather hard running surfaces, and the last time I had been running orienteering in a forest was more than 10 days before, during a 2-days training camp in Jura. Therefore, my self-confidence wasn't very high, and I felt like a beginner, not knowing what to do and how to orienteer. I had not been so stressed for a long time. I think it was a good thing because it made me be really concentrated before the start, on my race-strategy, and I had exactly the attitude I want to have on a qualification race. /evenement.php?id=86&language=1 Fri, 20 Jul 12 22:03:52 +0200 Event #85: JOG at O'camp /evenement.php?id=85&language=1 JOG was the past two days in the Vercors with 14-16 years old of O'camp. Scheduled: O'score, Anim'land (a big hidding game in the forest...) in Herbouilly and on tuesday at Chapelle-en-Vercors the O'lympiades followed by the WOC middle final on the big screen. /evenement.php?id=85&language=1 Wed, 18 Jul 12 16:48:21 +0200 Event #84: WOC 2012 /evenement.php?id=84&language=1 As opening of woc 2012, sprint qualification. 6 Athletes from the french team were selected. /evenement.php?id=84&language=1 Tue, 17 Jul 12 23:24:47 +0200 Event #83: WUOC Sprint & Middle /evenement.php?id=83&language=1 The sprint distance was held at Alicante, in the old town and on Santa Barbara Castle's mountain. Organiser have made some surprise for us : a magnificent quarantine area in Santa Barbara castlle with an huge sight on the sea and Alicante but also some bad surprises : no-ISSOM map with some unpassable walls not in the map and a winning time out of any expectations (18minutes instead of 14minutes annonced). In the french team Benjamin took a quite good 18th place, then it's further. 31rd for Célestin, 41st for Perrine, 42th for Emilie, 49th ofr Magalie and 64th for me. Congrats to the Swiss team with 3 men in the three best places !! /evenement.php?id=83&language=1 Thu, 05 Jul 12 17:02:21 +0200 Event #82: WUOC in Alicante /evenement.php?id=82&language=1 Alicante in the middle of the summer, it is crazy to go outside during the day, but this is the place of the World University Orienteering Championships (WUOC) from 2nd to 6th July. 240 athletes are present mostly B-Teams, but still swiss and czech seem impressive! Accomodation is great, with climatisation!! but no swimming-pool... and close to alicante university. /evenement.php?id=82&language=1 Thu, 05 Jul 12 11:23:34 +0200 Event #81: EYOC 2012 in France /evenement.php?id=81&language=1 Last weekend, and for the first time in history, the European Youth Orienteering Championships (EYOC) took place in France, in Bugeat. From previous EYOCs, we remember Lucas' medals, the european champion title in Hungary in 2007 and the silver medal in Switzerland in 2008 as well as Theo's bronze medal from 2007. This time, the JOG members saw the event from the inside, as organisers! The JOG went to Limousin area from monday evening to help organizing the championships, in building arenas, putting out controls and picking them in. It was a rather tiring week, short before the important competitions with the national teams some of the JOG members were going to run. (WUOC, JWOC, WOC). Right from Friday, the sprint day, the atmosphere was great in the city of Meymac with an impressive TV production, GPS tracking and adion controls. And especially with historical results for the French M16: Adrien Delenne became European Champion 7 sec in front of his teammate Arnaud Perrin and 12sec in front of Krzysztog Rzenca (POL). /evenement.php?id=81&language=1 Wed, 04 Jul 12 20:43:04 +0200 Event #80: World Cup St Gallen /evenement.php?id=80&language=1 During the long distance of our selection races in Jura 4 weeks ago, I fell down and hit my knee against a rock. I had to stop training completely for 2 and a half weeks and couldn't even walk properly for a week. I started training again 2 days before Jukola, and this resulted in one of my worst performances ever on the 4th leg of the biggest relay competition in the world. I lost 15minutes to the first control, was totally lost and had no possibility to relocate but to go back to the start point, running on the opposite direction of the flow of runners trying to find their own forking. After that, I lost my self-confidence and the course appeared to me as the most technical I had run in my whole life. Don't think I never did such race since my beginnings, at least not on a competition. My physical shape was disastrous too. I really felt the lack of training, and the knee was still hurting, which didn't really help. The 358th leg time on this 4th leg did not give me the self-confidence I needed one week before the two world cup stages in Switzerland, rather the opposite. Luckily I was running for Denseln's 2nd team ! /evenement.php?id=80&language=1 Wed, 27 Jun 12 17:18:47 +0200 Event #79: Movie Training Camp Jura /evenement.php?id=79&language=1 TC in Jura : To view the video, click on the picture : /evenement.php?id=79&language=1 Sun, 24 Jun 12 13:54:31 +0200 Event #78: /evenement.php?id=78&language=1 An article about JOG results in Gre-Sport web-magazine. To see the article, clik on the picture! /evenement.php?id=78&language=1 Sat, 23 Jun 12 19:58:30 +0200 Event #77: /evenement.php?id=77&language=1 An article about JOG results in Gre-Sport web-magazine. To see the article, clik on the picture! /evenement.php?id=77&language=1 Sat, 23 Jun 12 03:08:47 +0200 Event #76: Training camp Jura /evenement.php?id=76&language=1 Before the big objectives coming soon beginning of the summer with JWOC for Olivier and Isia, the WUOC in Spain for Clement and Theo and the WOC for Lucas, it was the perfect time for a preparation camp in Jura mountains! Scheduled wonderful terrains, amazing maps, and a perfect accommodation by Yohann, 100m from the Sauget map, big thanks to him!! Even if we have to put our tents just next to the sheeps... :-) As Lucas and Isia cannot join us, it was the occasion to welcome a new runner, Gregoire, from Brieuc's club, and to show him what real training is! First training Monday afternoon with the Middle of 3 jours du Jura in Morbier followed by 3 downhill courses. /evenement.php?id=76&language=1 Wed, 20 Jun 12 23:42:49 +0200 Event #75: CF MD & CFC: /evenement.php?id=75&language=1 This WE was held in Drôme the French middle championship and the famous CFC (French Club Championships), the biggest relay in France! /evenement.php?id=75&language=1 Tue, 12 Jun 12 23:45:25 +0200 Event #74: Running Conseil /evenement.php?id=74&language=1 JOG members's are pleased to present their new partnership with Running Conseil. Specialist shop for the amateur of running ... Specialist of running shoe. Running Conseil is a partner of many events: trails, raids, ... /evenement.php?id=74&language=1 Mon, 11 Jun 12 14:16:45 +0200 Event #73: Sprint WOC selection french selection /evenement.php?id=73&language=1 This afternoon, the sprint WOC french selection took place in Villard de Lans. /evenement.php?id=73&language=1 Fri, 08 Jun 12 19:18:15 +0200 Event #72: JWOC Training Camp /evenement.php?id=72&language=1 One of the most important TC of the season. The main goal of this camp is to discover some maps similar to the JWOC real forest and find & set the best techniques. The week has been split in two big parts : the first 3 days on the Middle maps and the 3 others days on the Long maps. /evenement.php?id=72&language=1 Thu, 07 Jun 12 11:06:27 +0200 Event #71: New Official Partner /evenement.php?id=71&language=1 JOG members's are pleased to present their new partnership with Airxtrem & Noname /evenement.php?id=71&language=1 Wed, 06 Jun 12 11:54:33 +0200 Event #70: EOC seen by Lucas Basset /evenement.php?id=70&language=1 Back after middle disapointment, after a rest day at the bears park Orsa Grönklitt sightseeing, I had a news opportunity to fight against the best european (in fact international: to wonder what is the point of these EOC...) elite runners on the sprint. Qualification was ok, not more, and I really wanted to be better in the final, and I knew that, even if it is far to be my favorite discipline, this is where today, and with my shape at the moment, the race with more chance to be good. SO I was very motivated, in addition that the pre-race briefing the day before make me feel better about the race: half in the fields, with many uncrossable (and forbidden!) fences, making it a bit more attractive technically. /evenement.php?id=70&language=1 Mon, 28 May 12 21:19:41 +0200 Event #69: French team JWOC training camp /evenement.php?id=69&language=1 Some news from our French junior in JWOC training camp in Kosice (Slovakia). The Junior French team is in training camp to 23 of 29 May in view of preparing JUNIOR WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS (JWOC) which it take place from July 6 to 14 in Slovakia. The team is composed of BASSET Isia, Remi Baudot, BEAUVISAGE Lauriane, WHITE-EDGED Olivier Poirot Delphine Capbern Loic SANDEVOIR Claire, Rémi Dubois, Maxime RAUTURIER, Fanny Roche (alternate) and Emily Kemp (invited). The JOG is well represented with Isia and Olivier! /evenement.php?id=69&language=1 Fri, 25 May 12 18:08:47 +0200 Event #68: Final MD EOC Lucas Basset /evenement.php?id=68&language=1 There is nothing to say , just days like that where legs and body are empty. I felt good during warmup, but right on the first uphill to the first control, I understood that it was gonna be a long long day! I was really surprised of the terrain, the steepness of the uphill and the coursesetter's wish of makins us climb them all. Course wasn't that hard, not middle distance style with long parts in open area, with low vegetation so with my shape, I must say I didn't have much pleasure during the race, and not even a small good feeling. Added to three bad controls in a row (7th, little deivation, the 8th with 30sec mistake, not succeed to read the relief in a low vegetation area, and the 9th where I struggled physically very much, without any power at all!). /evenement.php?id=68&language=1 Sat, 19 May 12 23:23:17 +0200 Event #67: EOC Qual Sprint Lucas Basset /evenement.php?id=67&language=1 I was in better shape than the middle during the warmup, and the pain in the knew had disapeared, i was feeling good. There was 3 different parts in the race: a forest with small paths quite difficult to see, a hospital and a barracks area,like military houses, buildings everywhere without any big difficulties. The only mistery before the race was to know if yes or no the race will go through the hospital because of ambulances or things like that where runners can cause problems. /evenement.php?id=67&language=1 Wed, 16 May 12 20:06:57 +0200 Event #66: Qualif MD EOC (Lucas) /evenement.php?id=66&language=1 I wasn't serene before the race, not in very good shape the previous weeks and moreover I still had a little pain in the knee from a fall at Tiomila. In fact, I wasn't very confident at start, but I like this kind of terrain in this part of Sweden. It's a bit less scandinavian-style and as we trained in fast terrain in south-west of France or in Portugal in quite similar terrains, I felt prepared and ready to compete! /evenement.php?id=66&language=1 Wed, 16 May 12 00:04:41 +0200 Event #65: French universitary championship /evenement.php?id=65&language=1 What is THE orienteering derby? As the famous football match between Lyon and saint-etienne, here it's between the University of Saint-Etienne (UJM) and the engineering school of Lyon (INSA) in the france universitary relay championship in orienteering. For Isia, Remi and I, the goal is to dominate our neighbour (Saint-Etienne) who have win over the last five years. /evenement.php?id=65&language=1 Tue, 15 May 12 09:13:26 +0200 Event #64: Interviews [2] /evenement.php?id=64&language=1 Clement, what were the main steps of your coming and establishment at the top of Tullinge's team? It has been now 4 years that I run for Tullinge, I started in second and third team and I now taking a spot in the first team with more and more important legs. I think the key is that Tullinge is a club at my level, I don't feel too much pressure and that allows me to do good races and win my coaches and teammates trust. But I'd like to go from correct to very good races to show them when I can do. /evenement.php?id=64&language=1 Sat, 12 May 12 18:54:20 +0200 Event #63: Interviews [1] /evenement.php?id=63&language=1 Clement, can you tell us more about the organization for Tiomila for a big club like Tullinge? That's right, Tullinge SK is a big club, it is often the biggest club at Oringen, but it is not an "elite" club. So for Tiomila, this is not as impressive, but there are still 5 young' teams, 6 girls' teams, 3 men teams, 5 coaches, and 10 others people (fans/spectators/drivers) so around 95 persons. On Friday, the coaches were in the place to set the tents, prepare the camp. The travel is made by bus, youngest have the priority and the others take cars, this allows men runners to start a bit later on Saturday. Once in the arena, the club owes 2 tunnel tents, a big tent with heater where the logistic chef prepare warm drinks and food all night long, military tents where the girls sleep and a hard floor accommodation 10minutes from the arena for the boys. During the night, all is planned, coaches are driving the runners from accommodation to arena. Moreover, there is always someone there in case of problem. Lucas, what was your schedule before the race? How did you prepare yourself? Running a 3rd leg at Tiomila, it's a wonderful experience, but also a bit strange. A start at 23.30 and a finish around 1.00, all habits are gone. I was a bit afraid about that, but I think I managed this challenge quite well; here is my schedule of Saturday: Morning, wake up at 9.00, breakfast, 40min footing, stretching 13.00 lunch (pasta, köttbullar) 13.40 1h travel to the competition center 15.30 Visit of the arena with the team, watching girls relay (until 4th...), coach talk then start to the accommodation 8km from the arena in the house for 1st and 2nd team. 17.45 Meal with the club: 3 plates of lasagna. I won't eat anything after that, but I'll try to drink regularly. 18.30-20.30 sleep 20.45 Travel to the TC, follow the race Warming up 30minutes before start (a bit too short, I didn't anticipate the time needed to put the lamp and the GPS...) /evenement.php?id=63&language=1 Thu, 10 May 12 23:34:50 +0200 Event #62: Tiomila 2012 /evenement.php?id=62&language=1 I'll try to be short, waiting for the much more interesting interviews to have a look on the race from the inside! Perrine and Isia ran the two first legs for OK Denseln and did extremely good with a 19th place after them, the team ended in a nice 44th spot at the end. Lucas ran the 3rd leg for OK Denseln 1, starting in the leading group and finishing some seconds this big group due to a variations mistake on the last part... still a strong race! Clement ran the 8th leg for his club, Tullinge SK, 57th time, catching 13 places, a nice race then! /evenement.php?id=62&language=1 Thu, 10 May 12 00:05:52 +0200 Event #61: Sweden /evenement.php?id=61&language=1 The Silva League in Täby (see previous article) was the beginning of a 2 weeks camp in Sweden for me. After the comp we came back at OK Denseln clubhouse in Skärblacka, it was lot of people there with Melanie, Alex (ukrainian runner) and 3 polish guys. For me, it was just perfect week: beautiful weather all week long, just thinking about training, resting, and enjoying the swedish lifestyle and food: polar bread, yoggi/muesli combo, cinamon cake, köttbular... The maps around Skärblacka are very very nice, and we had at least an orienteering session a day with Melanie... so the technic on swedish terrain improved all the week, and the pleasure was always present. /evenement.php?id=61&language=1 Wed, 09 May 12 00:52:27 +0200 Event #60: Silva League Täby /evenement.php?id=60&language=1 Last WE were held the 3rd and 4th stage of the Silva League in Täby, a bit north of Stockholm. A long distance on saturday and a middle the sunday were scheduled, so I went there to meet my swedish Club OK Denseln. Big blue sky in Sweden, what a pleasure, moreover is seems that it was very bad before I came, nice! :-) 15km on saturday for me on saturday long distance in Elite 3 and... 15km outside the tracks, big change compare to France 15km of marshes, rocks, bushes, sticks, green (just a little) 15km without a single moment of rest 15km of pain (as I wasn't trained much) but 15km of great pleasure... :-) What a nice feeling to run again in swedish forest!! I ended the race in a pity shape, and the loooon way back to the car and the 2hours Stockholm sightseeing in the evening completly destroyed the energy I had left. /evenement.php?id=60&language=1 Tue, 08 May 12 13:26:46 +0200 Event #59: Tiomila 2012 /evenement.php?id=59&language=1 D-1 before the event of the year... This weekend (5-6 May) will take place the big relay, Tiomila! /evenement.php?id=59&language=1 Fri, 04 May 12 14:32:18 +0200 Event #58: Movie Training Camp Alicante /evenement.php?id=58&language=1 JOG in Alicante ! To view the video, click on the picture... /evenement.php?id=58&language=1 Sat, 28 Apr 12 14:19:43 +0200 Event #57: TC Auvergne 2012 (relay) /evenement.php?id=57&language=1 After the traditionnal party, the traditionnal relay ! The recette to get a nice relay is : - a nice map&forest - this year, we were running close to Volvic (famous french water source !!!). - 3 runner's teams, with three differents circuits and to get more fun, costume for each team, with free theme (East Europe national teams, Blue&White...) - And the most important one, a good spirit ! /evenement.php?id=57&language=1 Tue, 24 Apr 12 23:54:52 +0200 Event #56: TC Auvergne 2012 Days 3&4 /evenement.php?id=56&language=1 Already three days of training and a lot of hours, but the most expected time of the day is the trophy ceremony with the special prize! This is now a ritual, a terrible nightmare for the winner, which changes every evening!! /evenement.php?id=56&language=1 Wed, 18 Apr 12 23:18:49 +0200 Event #55: Man vs Nature /evenement.php?id=55&language=1 The 2012d edition of the training camp of the Rhône-Alpes Junior Group is already unforgiveable the first day. Trust me when I say that we were blocked in a snow tempete ! A snow tempete an april 15th, true story !! Our care stayed blocked in the middle of the road by the snow fall, only 2km before our destination. /evenement.php?id=55&language=1 Tue, 17 Apr 12 23:16:16 +0200 Event #54: Selecs (following) /evenement.php?id=54&language=1 Welcome in Franche-Comté for the last qualification races for the next JWOC and WUOC. After checking the weather, we were totally afraid: snow and rain around 900meter. High motivation needed for this week-end! Almost all JOG members were here, only Olivier was missing because of his injury... Good luck with this and have a good rest! /evenement.php?id=54&language=1 Mon, 16 Apr 12 23:17:18 +0200 Event #53: Selecs results /evenement.php?id=53&language=1 Résults middle 14 avril longchaumois: Men 1.Phillipe A 26.35 2.Vincent C 27.27 3.Francois G 27.53 4.Lucas B 28.31 5.Benjamin L 29.54 6.Maxime R 31.12 7.Remi B 31.25 8.Théo F 31.58 9.Juste R 32.01 10.Valentin S 33.11 11.Remi D 33.013 12.Clement F 33.44 13.Florentin B 35.16 14.Victor T 35.17 15.Marius S 36.00 ....... /evenement.php?id=53&language=1 Sun, 15 Apr 12 13:47:09 +0200 Event #52: Training Camp in Switzerland /evenement.php?id=52&language=1 The first WOC training camp of the French Team is now over, and I have been able to get an idea of the difficulties that will be awaiting the runners in July in Switzerland, around Lausanne. We were living in the youth hotel of Bern, the capital city of the country, around which we could find very relevant terrains for this summer's world championships. After 2011 and the very technical terrains of le Revard in Savoie, the focus will change this year and will be more directed to the physical performance, the capacity to run fast and for a long time on rather hard ground and flat terrains. Path running will be a very important factor, that's sure ! Unfortunately, we didn't come the right week in Switzerland, as we had rain almost every day and a couple of trainings were done under the snow ! After some weeks of very good weather in France, we were reminded how hard it can be to go out and train ! /evenement.php?id=52&language=1 Sat, 14 Apr 12 08:38:15 +0200 Event #51: Selections in Corrèze /evenement.php?id=51&language=1 Claire When the spring starts, selection races are not far. Easter week-end was the start of the season for many juniors. We met in Corrèze for three races: a sprint in Eymoutiers, a long distance at the Mont Bessou and and a middle on Peyrelevade's map. Why do we always run in Corrèze ? Because, this year, in June, the EYOC will take place in this beautiful region ! The JOG Team is too « old » for this competitions and that's why Oliver was the only JOG member there. It was quite strange to run those selections races without the older. Fortunately, Mathieu and Amandine were there too to coach their young runners ! Eymoutiers, a little village with a lot of heights. A very though sprint with a lot og height meters for the first controls. Women and men 18 and 20 had the same legs in order to compare. On my side, a good sprint, nice feelings despite some hesitations on the best route choices. It's the first and last selection race of this weekend for Olivier in consequence a injury (stress fracture) Map1: Isia's Sprint route /evenement.php?id=51&language=1 Fri, 13 Apr 12 12:45:17 +0200 Event #50: Bombard Land(es) /evenement.php?id=50&language=1 With some delay, here is the story of our trip from last week-end in Landes district (south west of France) for EOC selections races. JOG was present, as usual, with some great chances for Lucas and Theo, I was a little bit more here like a tourist, and the only goals for me were to enjoy and to have some good trainings. /evenement.php?id=50&language=1 Mon, 09 Apr 12 22:03:28 +0200 Event #49: University Sport /evenement.php?id=49&language=1 This thursday afternoon was held the orienteering regional university championship, a step to qualify for University French Champs on 12th and 13th May in Besancon. A good way to have a little training close to Grenoble and to qualify for french champs. To watch the 3D rerun, clik on the map. /evenement.php?id=49&language=1 Fri, 06 Apr 12 16:46:50 +0200 Event #48: Selection MTBO /evenement.php?id=48&language=1 This weekend (31st of March to 1st of April) took place in Dijon (Burgundy) the selection races for MTBO French Team (training camp in Hungary and Young European Cup and a Wcup in Czech Republic). Knowing that I am injured for a long time and that I still cannot run (my ankle surgery takes time to recover), so I tested MTBO. I tried to face (unpretentiously) the best French of the discipline but with my physical lack I have been quickly limited. But I still managed to have fun and fund motivation to invest a little more in the MTBO. The small problem with this discipline (unknown for orienteer), is the fact that mechanical problems can quickly impacts the performance ... /evenement.php?id=48&language=1 Tue, 03 Apr 12 12:01:30 +0200 Event #47: EnduranceMag /evenement.php?id=47&language=1 EnduranceMag, the magazine of trail and outdoor sports, talking about JOG and back on the lucas's and Tero's victory at the Raid des Etoiles du Sport. To see the article, clik on the picture! /evenement.php?id=47&language=1 Fri, 30 Mar 12 12:55:23 +0200 Event #46: JOG video on SWR /evenement.php?id=46&language=1 To watch the video,clik on the picture! /evenement.php?id=46&language=1 Thu, 29 Mar 12 20:26:42 +0200 Event #45: Grenoble University /evenement.php?id=45&language=1 To allow students who practice sport at high level to train in the best conditions, Grenoble's university has put at disposition : A Gym room at universitary swimming pool with a gym coach : Nicolas Lasorsa (12th in Weightlifting Olympics games in 1980 in Moscow) Differents kind of training are available only for SHN athletes of the uni (SHN = high level athletes). The room is really well equipped and there is enough weight machines to feel pain in every muscles at the end of the training. Good mood is alway there with Nicolas who offer us good tips and motivation. /evenement.php?id=45&language=1 Mon, 26 Mar 12 22:20:15 +0200 Event #44: WE HN # 8 /evenement.php?id=44&language=1 After these two days of extra training followed the last french team training week-end in Dijon. Almost all the JOG members were here, Clément and I get invited as district's elites. Brieuc who is still recovering after his brocken rib didn't come. It's raining Sunday morning on our way to Fontaine for the first training of the week-end. This first training was decisive for some of the runner like Clément and me... This sprint half city - half forest, was a bit long. Vincent Coupat won the race in 22'. Clément ended his week-end after this race because of a old hip injury coming back. I did the same, I totally over-estimated my capacity and my physical level to come back after injury. /evenement.php?id=44&language=1 Wed, 21 Mar 12 21:34:16 +0100 Event #43: Training JOG in Dijon /evenement.php?id=43&language=1 The last french team training took part this week-end around Dijon. Knowing that my parents live near Dijon, this was the perfect occasion to have 2 more training days. On the way to Dijon, we stopped a first time to catch Tiphane, our guest for the week-end and then we stopped a second time for the only training of the day. It was a short classique race in perfect training in the "Massif de la Serre", near Dôle city (see the map enclosed). /evenement.php?id=43&language=1 Wed, 21 Mar 12 16:19:15 +0100 Event #42: WE HN # 7 /evenement.php?id=42&language=1 First weekend of March was held in Drôme (2h south of Lyon) the 7th French team winter training weekend, but this one a bit special because it was only sprint. 4 races were scheduled, in order to become sprint specialist for some, or just work the sprint technique. Beginning of the Saturday afternoon was the meeting in Donzère. First part of the race was a bit physical to be tired for the end in the technical old town; this sprint had plenty of route choices which were not always easy to see on the last part. On this sprint Lucas began and finished his weekend as he didn't see a post, which was harder than his leg!! This sprint, a bit long (winner time 18min by the women and 15min by the men), has been won by Fred, 6s in front of Tero. By the women Ida Bobach (a Danish girl) won with a big margin of 33s in front of Celine Dodin /evenement.php?id=42&language=1 Fri, 16 Mar 12 19:16:59 +0100 Event #41: Interview by SWR /evenement.php?id=41&language=1 A new interview about orienteering and JOG: To watch the video,clik on the picture : /evenement.php?id=41&language=1 Thu, 08 Mar 12 20:58:10 +0100 Event #40: Portugal 2nd Part /evenement.php?id=40&language=1 Once the POM competitions finished, we left the mountains to go towards the coast in the area of Mira, a place where the JOG had already been training during two different training camps earlier. We were living by the way in the same hotel as during the first camp, and it could have been much worse! Being a senior does mean some advantages!:) /evenement.php?id=40&language=1 Sun, 26 Feb 12 14:45:07 +0100 Event #39: Portugal ! /evenement.php?id=39&language=1 Lucas and I went to the french team camp last week in Portugal. As I don't have so mch time and internet play bad jokes to me, english version will be shorter... :-) We ran the POM 3 last stages, link to the results is down there, and the maps are on the internet or in a previsou article. /evenement.php?id=39&language=1 Sat, 25 Feb 12 22:28:18 +0100 Event #38: French team POM 2012 /evenement.php?id=38&language=1 One week after JOG training camp in Spanish, towards at POM 2012, to follow our two Joggeurs Lucas and Theo selected for the France senior training camp in Portugal. /evenement.php?id=38&language=1 Mon, 20 Feb 12 11:43:21 +0100 Event #37: Alicante, last day ! /evenement.php?id=37&language=1 Last day here in Alicante, we of course want to enjoy sun and beautiful terrains a last time. Tired, waking up was late and morning easy: small footing and a picture and movie shooting! Very funny 2 hours in the dunes, soon available in video on the website (OBT you're under pressure now!!) /evenement.php?id=37&language=1 Mon, 13 Feb 12 22:32:31 +0100 Event #36: Alicante, day 6! /evenement.php?id=36&language=1 Today was the second and last day of the Trofeo. No World Ranking Event on the schedule, but a long distance on the same terrain as yesterday, other parts of it being used. The day was not as good as the previous one if we talk about results for the JOG members, most of them being less motivated and a bit tired after all those trainings. Among the girls, yet, Isia and Perrine came to nice 6th and 9th places. In the men's class, Lucas finished 12th, Clément 23rd and Théo 26th. Olivier chose not to complete the course whereas Simon, despite a very good start in M21B, had to go home because of a pain in his ankle. Concerning Brieuc, he did not start the race, still shocked after being chased by a terrific dog two days earlier! :) /evenement.php?id=36&language=1 Sun, 12 Feb 12 23:49:04 +0100 Event #35: Alicante, Day 5 /evenement.php?id=35&language=1 Today, we take part at the first stage of « Trofeo Internacional Costa Blanca » . It was a middle distance of 4,9km for Men Elit, 3,8km for Women Elit and 2,6 for Simon. The terrain was typical : dry, rocky and steep. We all did quite good race, especially Lucas with his second place (only 6 second behind), then come Theo 15th, Clément 22nd, Olivier 23rd. In the Women Elit Perine and Isia both manage a good race with 6th and 7th place. Simon, on his special race for old and fat guys (M21B) manage to put the « french style » at the top of the result list with his first place. /evenement.php?id=35&language=1 Sat, 11 Feb 12 22:56:38 +0100 Event #34: Alicante, day 4! /evenement.php?id=34&language=1 To speak about today quickly: fun mass start this morning, relief corridor (a tero exercice!!), a perfect training on a very beautiful map (**ironic**) which was, to stay nice: pure shit!! /evenement.php?id=34&language=1 Fri, 10 Feb 12 19:22:36 +0100 Event #33: Alicante, day 3 ! /evenement.php?id=33&language=1 Third day under the sun of Alicante! Technical trainings were scheduled, and the day started with an interval training set by Olivier, that means several small forked sections run in pairs. A very technical area combined with high running speed led to nice parallel mistakes. Right afterwards, we carried on with a "windows training". /evenement.php?id=33&language=1 Thu, 09 Feb 12 23:35:35 +0100 Event #32: Alicante, day 2 ! /evenement.php?id=32&language=1 Stage 2 of Alicante training camp. Today's program was composed by 2 sprint in forest (high speed - with the second one in chasing start) and a very tricky « window » exercise (low speed). This one caused big dammages for some runners ! After a short « farniente », we ran a middle distance race in "perfect training" tempo and 2 small loops by night. /evenement.php?id=32&language=1 Wed, 08 Feb 12 23:18:56 +0100 Event #31: Alicante, day 1 ! /evenement.php?id=31&language=1 JOG have flown this morning to Alicante. First training of the week : a middle distance in the afternoon for a first contact with typical dune terrain. Sweet temperature give us motivation for a profitable training week. /evenement.php?id=31&language=1 Tue, 07 Feb 12 21:29:04 +0100 Event #30: WEHN #6 /evenement.php?id=30&language=1 Here are the maps and results from this french team weekend in figeac... /evenement.php?id=30&language=1 Mon, 06 Feb 12 22:17:40 +0100 Event #29: WE HN #5 /evenement.php?id=29&language=1 The previous training weekend being held in Millau, it is once again in the south of France, in the terrains surrounding Sisteron, that the French Team had decided to gather to continue winter training. With the sun shining and friendly temperatures, the weekend started with a sprint in the nice town of Sisteron, which had held the French Sprint Championships in 2009. Including a lot of uphill running, this sprint was tough both physically and technically, the town being well known for its intricate network of streets offering plenty of route choices. It is definitely one of the best places to run sprint in France ! Thierry Gueorgiou won the race, what a surprise ! None of the JOG members had the legs to threaten him, and they did not orienteer very well either. /evenement.php?id=29&language=1 Mon, 06 Feb 12 21:49:23 +0100 Event #28: /evenement.php?id=28&language=1 An interview by Théo about JOG, orienteering in and another one about Lucas. /evenement.php?id=28&language=1 Tue, 31 Jan 12 18:19:09 +0100 Event #27: WE HN # 4 /evenement.php?id=27&language=1 We started 2012 with a French Team training week-end in Millau, Claire, Théo, Lucas and Olivier were ready to fight with the famous terrains of "Larzac" Program took place as follow : -Sprint in Millau city. -Middle on the Fagéole map (Larzac plateau). -Night training still on Fagéole. Dimanche : -Long distance around "La Couvertoirade". /evenement.php?id=27&language=1 Fri, 20 jan 2012 10:22:22 +0100 Event #26: Interview JOG /evenement.php?id=26&language=1 " choose to introduce an association promoting Orienteering, a rapidly expanding sport ..." /evenement.php?id=26&language=1 Tue, 10 jan 2012 14:22:22 +0100 Event #25: WE HN # 3 /evenement.php?id=25&language=1 Holidays were used to rest (or work) so that's why this article about French Team training WE and meeting in Clermont come a little late. This WE was the occasion of the traditionnal big meeting to present the season, calendar, selections criteria, goals, this year with the new french team coach Kenneth Buch. Weekend began with a sprint in the small village of Besse. With an interesting part in the old town, and the rest around less technical, this sprint has shown what is needed to succeed in international competitions: as I was in perfect shape, the physical course finished to kill me! Good news for the rest of the weekend :) A closed road in one of the routechoice and a not-so-nice worker made the sprint even harder, but finally Vincent Coupat was the fastest by the men as Annika Billstam, swedish world long distance champion, won by the women. /evenement.php?id=25&language=1 Wed, 04 jan 2012 14:22:22 +0100 Event #24: Made in Jura /evenement.php?id=24&language=1 Snow, Snow, and Snow again, that's the word that can sum up the weather during our xc-skiing training camp in 'Jura'. And even if the weather was tough, we were exciting and happy to be together in "Les Moussieres" a small village in the South of Jura mountain for five intensives xc-skings days. Trainings are following each other: xc-skiing, night running; as well as relaxation: siesta, kayak-snow, and raclette "made in Jura" with special cheese: Bleu de Gex and Morbier. /evenement.php?id=24&language=1 Wed, 23 dec 2011 14:22:22 +0100 Event #23: Etoiles du Sport /evenement.php?id=23&language=1 No translation available yet... /evenement.php?id=23&language=1 Thu, 22 dec 2011 14:22:22 +0100 Event #22: Raid des Etoiles /evenement.php?id=22&language=1 Lucas had been chosen few weeks ago by Thierry Gueorgiou to represent orienteering with him at "Etoiles du Sport" (in english "Stars of Sport"). This event allows all french top athletes to meet during one week in a famous ski resort La Plagne, this is the perfect occasion to share experiences and learn from famous athletes, but also to compete trough the Raid des Etoiles. /evenement.php?id=22&language=1 Tue, 13 dec 2011 14:22:22 +0100 Event #21: Edinburgh /evenement.php?id=21&language=1 Orienteering in Scotland? Why not... As we were in the scottish maintown Edinburgh to visit Mathieu last week, it was the perfect occasion to try some local maps. Their own "Bastille" called Arthur's seat, is a nice place for footing and orienteering too... Nice little hill in the middle of the city, the ground is very soft and nice to run with small climbs and lochs: the map there is pleasant but quite small... /evenement.php?id=21&language=1 Sun, 04 dec 2011 14:22:22 +0100 Event #20: WE HN # 2 /evenement.php?id=20&language=1 This winter's second French Team training week-end was held as usual in Fontainebleau on November 26-27th. The weekend started on saturday afternoon with a sprint in the small village of Grez sur Loing. Physical skills were recquired since there were a few very long legs of pure running, but it was quite interesting technically still, with a first part held in a campsite with forbidden hedges, and a second part in the old village. /evenement.php?id=20&language=1 Mon, 05 dec 2011 14:22:22 +0100 Event #19: Kiss or Kill /evenement.php?id=19&language=1 For the cold days of winter, when motivation is missing, when the only thing you want is to stay at home. For all the day when you go out regardless the weather, against your will. For all this moment who make you special, can this help you. /evenement.php?id=19&language=1 Sat, 26 nov 2011 14:22:22 +0100 Event #18: WE JOG Vercors /evenement.php?id=18&language=1 Let's rock in the Vercors mountains for a team building WE ! We were 7 at the beginning of this challenge: Theo, Clement, Olivier, Brieuc and me. Lenka (Czech abroad student running with Chambery's club Echo 73) was our guest star for both days while Marine joined us in the evening. The question was: how many will be back alive from this "survival week-end"? /evenement.php?id=18&language=1 thu, 24 nov 2011 14:22:22 +0100 Event #17: WEHN 1 Jura /evenement.php?id=17&language=1 On November 11th was the beginning of the french team weekend "haut-niveau" (high-level) and we started in french Jura our "Tour de France". All the athletes from junior and senior French team can participate to those WE and they are always a good way to work on technical points during the winter and to run with other runners. Moreover, this WE was the first one for the French team new trainer, Kenneth Buch. We were fast 40, with a big amount of M20 ! /evenement.php?id=17&language=1 Mon, 21 nov 2011 14:22:22 +0100 Event #16: local radio /evenement.php?id=16&language=1 An interview of Theo about JOG on a local radio "France Bleu Isere" (only in french sorry =)) /evenement.php?id=16&language=1 Fri, 18 nov 2011 14:22:22 +0100 Event #15: Action Cameras /evenement.php?id=15&language=1 A new partner who will lend us some camera occasionally for our training camps, competitions and a few trainings /evenement.php?id=15&language=1 Wed, 16 nov 2011 14:22:22 +0100 Event #14: Dauphine news /evenement.php?id=14&language=1 Another new article in the press. /evenement.php?id=14&language=1 Wed, 09 nov 2011 14:22:22 +0100 Event #13: CNE 2011 /evenement.php?id=13&language=1 Last big relay of the year, the French Team Criterium (CNE) was held the 30th October in the south of France with 7 persons from the same club for the men, 2 first relay by night, in this order: 1. 5km (40 minutes), night 2. 5km (40 minutes), night, dark, day for late teams :-) 3. 6km (50 minutes), day, no forking 4. 4,5km (30 minutes), day 5. 6km (50 minutes), day 6. 4,5km (30 minutes), day 7. 6km (50 minutes), day /evenement.php?id=13&language=1 Sun, 06 nov 2011 14:22:22 +0100 Event #12: Sprint CF /evenement.php?id=12&language=1 Big surprise at Sprint French Champs 29th October 2011 in Chateaurenard in the south of France near Avignon was held the sprint French Champ, the major competition in France at the end of the year. In the morning the qualifications took place in the forest near Chateaurenard and around rugby and football play fields. A nice forest with cliffs, caves and rocks which gave nice controls and a lot of climbing, but no big difficulties for the runners separated in 4 heats, with 10 best qualified for the final during the evening. No problem for the JOG members who went trough their heat. /evenement.php?id=12&language=1 Thu, 03 nov 2011 14:22:22 +0100 Event #11: Dauphine news /evenement.php?id=11&language=1 Yesterday, the local newspaper Dauphine published an entier article about Lucas's bautiful 3rd rank in Sprint French Championship 2011 in Chateaurenard. /evenement.php?id=11&language=1 Thu, 03 nov 2011 14:22:22 +0100 Event #10: Training october 19-20th /evenement.php?id=10&language=1 Appointment was taken, 6PM at 1 rue Dubarle in Grenoble headquarter of JOG for my first training in Grenoble. I live and study at Lyon but i will now come every wednesday evening and thursday to train under JOG's colors. /evenement.php?id=10&language=1 Thu, 19 oct 2011 14:22:22 +0100 Event #9: Ailleurs and Ydezign /evenement.php?id=9&language=1 The JOG is happy to introduce his new sponsor: /evenement.php?id=9&language=1 Fri, 21 sep 2011 14:22:22 +0100 Event #8: WE JOG Annecy /evenement.php?id=8&language=1 This weekend was held the second JOG WE of the year in Annecy, beautiful city of the Alps. The first training was friday night with KO Sprint in Montmelian. A good training for the Sprint French Champs in 10 days, so we stopped on our way to Annecy to join Micka, Celestin and Maxx. 4 sprints between 5 et 7 minutes were planned with different starting ways: mass start, winner and looser finals, every 30sec: a very nice training on a nice map and many good runners: all was made for making it interesting. Saturday morning was the time for second sprint session in Annecy, on the swiss WOC selections course, at early morning to have time to watch rugby game after it. No one in the streets, and a challenging course with routechoices at almost every controls, and the need to be always a little in advance. /evenement.php?id=8&language=1 Sat, 15 oct 2011 14:22:22 +0100 Event #7: WE Switzerland /evenement.php?id=7&language=1 During the first weekend of October were held in Switzerland around La-Chaux-de-Fonds the World Cup Finals with the spectators races. Selected with the French B-Team to take part to the spectators races, I took it as an opportunity to have a goal with some training behind me, which wasn't previsously the case this season. 2 hard weeks and a final preparation, it should be top shape during the WE with lot of motivation. All went well until the week before when I got sick and cannot go out of the couch for some days! F*** season! /evenement.php?id=7&language=1 Sat, 01 oct 2011 14:22:22 +0100 Event #6: Board Meeting JOG /evenement.php?id=6&language=1 Last Sunday (09.24.2011), the annual JOG board meeting took place at the 1st Robert Dubarle street with Brieuc, Olivier, Simon, Theo and Anne-Claire as a guest. Lucas, Mathieu, Amandine et Thomas were missing and excused. During this meeting we took time to talk about very serious things and eat some good pizzas. /evenement.php?id=6&language=1 Sun, 25 sep 2011 14:22:22 +0100 Event #5: World Cup Liberec /evenement.php?id=5&language=1 After having had good results during the summer at JWOC, at the French Championships, and being selected for WOC as a reserve runner, I got the chance to be chosen to be part of the French Team that would run the last international competitions of the senior season: the World Cup in Czech Republic in Liberec and the World Cup final in Switzerland. Thus, on September 24-25th, a middle distance and a long distance with starting times according to the results of the previous day took place, both part of the overall ranking of the World Cup 2011. Both races used the arena of Liberec City, well known for hosting almost every year a round of the X-country skiing World Cup. /evenement.php?id=5&language=1 Sat, 24 sep 2011 14:22:22 +0100 Event #4: WE JOG Pelussin /evenement.php?id=4&language=1 The 24th and 25th of September, the club Orient'Express 42 organized three races during the weekend: "La revole des Chirats". The JOG has gone there and took the opportunity to train a lot and finish 2 hard training weeks with a nice orienteering weekend. The JOG went there with a little group, as Olivier had a little pain in his ankle and had prefered taking a little rest, and Simon, even if he went too, could'nt run at all to due to an ankle surgery two weeks ago. The first race was a middle distance managed by the young people of the club in a nice forest of beech, but the terrain was quite steep. Theo finished on 2nd spot 3 minutes behind Olivier Coupat. Brieuc, as he didn't clear his sportident before starting, wasn't ranked. /evenement.php?id=4&language=1 Sat, 24 sep 2011 14:22:22 +0100 Event #3: JEC 2011 /evenement.php?id=3&language=1 The competition took place in Austria (Arnoldstein) from 15th to 17th September 2011. The French national team came with very clear objectives, realize predefined performances! /evenement.php?id=3&language=1 Thu, 15 sep 2011 14:22:22 +0100 Event #2: City of London Race /evenement.php?id=2&language=1 City of London Race 2011 (by clement) Barbican center, saturday 10th of september, 11h13min55s, Beep, Beep, Beep ,Beep , Beeeeeeeep. Let's go , map taking, compass checking, route choice to the first control and first difficulty of a race that will not miss of it. 8.9km and 30 controls in the center of London, it was the perfect occasion to come and combine tourism and orienteering in the other side of the Channel. Arrived 2 days before the race, we visits London, its monuments, its museum . But don't neglect sport an take an 1h20 footing through all the mains Parks, Regent's Park, Hyde Park, green Park. We did them all. /evenement.php?id=2&language=1 Sat, 10 sep 2011 14:22:22 +0100 Event #1: JWOC 2011 /evenement.php?id=1&language=1 JWOC (Junior World Orienteering Championships) took place in Poland from 2nd to 9th July 2011. This event started with a sprint race third in a park and two-thirds in the downtown streets, both physical and technical. On this distance Lucas Basset was the best and won the sprint in a time of 15'07.07. He took the first JWOC Gold medal ever for France, after big names like Thierry Gueorgiou or Philippe Adamski never succeed. This was the beginning of a good week for the French team. Note also the good result of Isia Basset who finished in a good th position, 1'28 behind the winner Ida Bobach, while Olivier ended #76 in 17'25:04. Next day took place the long distance, race in a relief of moraines with many contours. Lucas brought a new medal for the French team but this time in bronze by ranking third of LD, 1'47 behinf the Norwegian Yngve Skogstad. Isia did once again a good race and finished #20 in 64'33 and Olivier #48 in 81'03. /evenement.php?id=1&language=1 Sat, 02 jul 2011 14:22:22 +0100 Event #0: Movie Training Camp Jura /evenement.php?id=0&language=1 TC in Jura : To view the video, click on the picture : /evenement.php?id=0&language=1 Sun, 24 Jun 12 13:53:54 +0200